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Clay Triangle, 2-1/2 Length Laboratory.

A clay triangle is a piece of laboratory equipment used in the process of heating substances. It is used in conjunction with other lab equipment to create a stable framework in which to place a substance -- usually a solid chemical -- while it is heated to a high temperature. Wire Triangle Laboratory Heating Supplies Lab Consumable HTSTAR Crucible Support. Wire Triangle is made of three iron wires, and has a three porcelain tubes, which is named after the triangle. It is large, small, depending on the size of the crucible. A triangular strut made of heat-resistant ceramic tubes and iron wires to support the crucible. Right Price Chemicals offers a complete line of Laboratory Equipment and Laboratory Supplies including the following Clay Triangles! Buy your 2-1/2" Clay Triangles and other Laboratory Supplies online at.

Also known as a clay triangle, a pipeclay triangle serves as a supporting structure for items being heated on a Bunsen burner or other open flame heat source in a laboratory setting. The apparatus is shaped like an equilateral triangle with three 60 degree angles. Apparatus Used For Heating In The Laboratory: Bunsen burner – this is used as a source of heat in the laboratory. Pipe Stem or Clay Triangle – this is used to support the crucible while heating. Wing Top or Fish Tail – this is placed over the barrel of a burner to spread the flame.

Laboratory Apparatus And Their Uses. The triangle is used to hold crucibles when they are being heated. They usually sit on a ring stand:. The testing of textile products is an expensive business. A laboratory has to be set up and furnished with a range of test equipment.where testing may be carried.
03/07/2012 · 20 Laboratory Apparatus and Their Uses Bunsen burner - is a staple part of the standard laboratory apparatus set. It gives off heat through a vertical flame and so is ideal to be used when wanting to warm up test tubes or beakers full of liquids.

Common Laboratory Apparatus With Their Uses. In a laboratory, you need to know the mass of certain objects, specimens or chemicals with precision. To do this, scientists and medical professionals often use a triple beam balance. Laboratory Tools and Equipment Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

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What Is a Clay Triangle Used For?

Lab Equipment Quiz. Show all questions <=. clay triangle ? wire gauze ? iron ring ? test tube rack ? ring stand ? crucible ? glass plate ? test tube ? weighing boat ? water trough ? test tube brushes ? spatula ? test tube holder ? crucible tongs. We list below name and descriptions of more than 20 common laboratory apparatus and glassware. As a chemist, you should be familiar with all of them. Get an answer for 'What are all the laboratory apparatus and their uses? and find homework help for other Science questions at eNotes. Transparent Math Geometry Set can be adsorbed on any iron product, such as office whiteboard, teaching blackboard, green board, refrigerator and other flat surfaces.

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